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Velux Residential Skylights Catalog

Bringing light to life has been our passion for over 75 years.

So, why skylights?

In 1942 in the Danish city of Copenhagen, a young engineer came up with the idea to transform dark, empty attics into bright living spaces. This idea developed into the first handcrafted, no-leak roof window, which became the foundation for VELUX to grow into the number one skylight company in the world. At VELUX, we believe homes full of light are homes that are full of life, that daylight is powerful and fresh air is invigorating. Together, they improve our general health and well-being, decrease our dependence on electricity, and give functionality back to our space. Able to fit just about anywhere in your home, VELUX skylights deliver unmatched quality, beautiful results, and a brighter home for your family. We often ask, “Why skylights?” But with endless reasons to install one, the question becomes more, “Why not skylights?”

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